How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft: A Guide for Beginners

Making a smoker in Minecraft is a great way to keep your food nice and warm during the cold winter months. Be it cooked chicken, or a deliciously cooked steak, you’ll be able to eat your favorite dishes all year round. But what if you don’t know how?

Your search for ‘how to make a smoker in Minecraft’ ends here! We have compiled all the information you need for this post. From materials needed to crafting steps, we will teach you everything about smokers. So without further ado, here is a complete process.

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft!

The Materials You Need

A smoker in Minecraft is made from six blocks of stone, two blocks of stone brick, and one piece of coal. In total, a smoker requires eight pieces in order to craft. However, if you have a crafting table in your inventory then you will only need to use the crafting table twice rather than four times.

The first thing that you need is a crafting table which you will use four times as it is required for the assembly of the smoker. The other materials needed are a stack of eight blocks of stone and 16 pieces of coal. Additionally, it will be necessary to have two blocks of stone brick available as well.

You can get these materials by mining or by using shovels because they spawn at random locations throughout the game. All you need to do is find them and mine them up!

Crafting Your Smoker

Crafting materials needed:

– A crafting table

– Wood planks

– Stone bricks

– Lava bucket or water bucket (optional)

The Process:

1. Make a crafting table, which requires four wood planks and two sticks. You can also use lava buckets if you have them available.

2. Now make stone bricks by smelting one stone in a furnace and then making a pickaxe out of the resulting cobblestone blocks.

3. Place 8 stone bricks around the crafting table so that it forms an enclosure with one side open.

4. Fill the smoking box with wood planks and light it up with a flint and steel or a torch to start smoking your food!


All you need to do now is light your smoker using a torch and wait for it to cook your meat!

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