Intel Clover Falls Coprocessor With AI Announced

Soon after launching the new series of Optane and 3D NAND SSDs, Intel has decided to make another launch. This time with a focus on notebooks. This is the Intel Clover Falls coprocessor, which will be present in most portable devices to be announced during 2021.

This new Intel Clover Falls Coprocessor focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence to complement the processor to be implemented in the notebook. Making equipment even more intelligent and secure, something that has become essential in recent times.

Among the implementations is the Visual Sensing Controller, which is a type of resource that promotes a significant reduction in energy consumption and ends up helping to adapt this administration, allowing the adjustment of the screen brightness to detect the presence of the user.

“A new platform addition we’re excited to unveil today is the Intel Visual Sensing Controller (codenamed “Clover Falls”), a secure companion chip that helps make PCs more smart and secure through the power of Intel artificial intelligence. This companion module will first arrive in commercial systems, bringing new low-power capabilities to the PC and helping it sense and adapt to its surroundings. For example, the module could help the system automatically adjust display brightness after detecting user presence.”


To be able to do this screening, possibly the company will adopt the chip so that it is integrated with the webcam sensor, which is the most effective way of knowing when the notebook is in use or not.

These AI features will be similar to those already worked on the Ice Lake and Tiger Lake CPUs, which used in GNA (Gaussian Neural Accelerator). Even without revealing which models will benefit from this novelty, there are expectations that the addition will be aimed at the most premium models.

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