iOS 16 Announced the WWDC22: Check Out the New Features and Improvements

Apple, during the WWDC 2022 event presented the first impressions of iOS 16, the next version of its operating system for the iPhone. The update will include many designs, security, and convenience improvements to the platform’s payment system.

Apple will make iOS 16 available for the iPhone 8 and all later models, officially ending support for the 1st generation iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. Check out below all the news that the company has prepared for iOS 16.

iOS 16 Features

  • New Lock Screen

One of the great features of this update is the new design of the software’s lock screen, bringing more customization possibilities and live wallpapers. If the wallpaper is a portrait, the time displayed will have a “multilayer” effect that will make the person appear to be “in front” of the clock.

iOS 16 lock screen
Image: Apple

The iOS 16 lock screen will also feature widgets that let you track events, weather, battery level, alarms, time zones, fitness progress, and more. Notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen, ensuring users have an unobstructed view.

Apple is adding a new dynamic look called “Live Activities” in Portuguese. Developers of iOS apps will be able to adjust the notifications of their respective apps through the Live Activities API to create notifications that can display game scores, for example.

“Live Activities is a new feature that helps users keep track of things happening in real-time, like a sports game, workout, in-app ride-sharing, or food delivery, all from the lock screen,” says Apple.

  • Albums Shared with iCloud

iOS 16 brings the ability to quickly share photos and videos in separate iCloud libraries. Through the “iCloud Shared Photo Library”, a group of up to six users will be able to include images from their own galleries in a shared album — whether with family, friends, or co-workers.

  • iMessage and Mail

The native iOS messenger app will gain improvements in your overall experience. Starting with the 16th version of the software, users will be able to edit sent messages in a similar way to the feature integrated into Telegram. As expected, submitted texts that have undergone changes after submission will be marked “Edited”.

Additionally, iMessage will finally gain AirPlay support, allowing friends and family to watch movies, listen to music, and control media playback synced in real-time within the app itself.

  • Videos with Live Text

Live Text, a feature debuted at the 2021 WWDC that allows “picture reading” to copy text from photos stored on the iPhone, will now support text recognition in videos. Users will be able to extract texts in different languages ​​and quickly translate them — just pause the video at the desired frame.

iOS Visual Search, a feature that makes it possible to identify objects in an image, will also receive a new function to allow a specific object in the photo — such as a person or a pet — to be selected and sent to other applications, as in a conversation in iMessage.

  • Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Wallet will also receive improvements to save ID documents more securely. For example, instead of providing the date of birth to an app that requires confirmation that the user is of legal age, the digital wallet will only report that the subject is “over 18” — that is, according to the majority of each country.

  • Apple Maps

Another very welcome improvement to the operating system is the arrival of new functions for Maps, bringing more advantages to compete with Google Maps. iOS 16 will enable a new geolocation system capable of rendering 3D maps in the app, making it easier for iPhone users to navigate.

  • A new generation of CarPlay

Apple pointed out during the event that CarPlay is integrated into more than 98% of modern cars in the United States. The new generation of vehicle management and control software will be able to display content on multiple screens in an automobile.

  • Health and Fitness

The “Saúde” application will gain a section that allows the registration of medications administered by users, also allowing the adjustment of schedules and reminders for each medicine, vitamin, or supplement.

The “Fitness” app, meanwhile, will continue to support those who don’t have an Apple Watch. The software will allow users to create step goals and use the iPhone’s own sensors to estimate distances covered throughout the day and the number of calories burned. The information may even be shared with third-party apps.

  • Personal Security

iOS 16 includes a new personal security feature for users to quickly disable sharing data with contacts, targeting the physical integrity of victims of an abusive relationship, for example.

The feature also makes it easier to manage details like location, messages, and other sensitive information that users share with each other.

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