iOS 16 Brings a Completely New Redesigned Video Player

This week, Apple released the second beta of iOS 16 to developers. Among the novelties added in the new compilation is the introduction of a new video player completely redesigned for Apple’s mobile operating system.

The main difference noticed right away in the new video player layout is in the play/pause and rewind/forward functions, which have been centered on the screen instead of being in a small bottom bar as they are currently positioned in iOS 15.

Another detail that can be seen in the images released is that the return or advance time went from 15 to 10 seconds. Overall, the design comes with a cleaner look and still has elements that are reminiscent of the current one.

The option bars have been replaced by floating elements with no background on top of the video, giving it a more minimalist look. Another noticeable point is that the titles are more visible and the description of the content is easily accessible.

Those who were bothered by the fact that they had to tap the screen to bring up the controls and then tap to pause, can rest assured. Now, just tap in the middle of the screen while a video is playing and the content will be paused.

In terms of gestures, the new player in iOS 16 allows you to pinch to leave or take the video out of full screen mode. To place the playbar at an exact point , just tap anywhere on the screen and move backwards or forwards.

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