NVIDIA Releases GeForce Driver 461.09 With a Focus on Security

Nvidia has released a new update for the 460 Driver for Windows, GeForce Driver 461.09 WHQL. The update was released yesterday for devices that feature branded GPUs, focusing on delivering nearly 20 security bug fixes identified in previous versions of the program.

Starting with what has been classified as fixes related to the ‘NVIDIA GPU Display Driver “, we have 6 failures with grades ranging from 5.3 to 8.4: kernel layer vulnerabilities for DxgkDdiEscape (CVE-2021-1051, CVE -2021-1052, CVE-2021-1053, CVE-2021-1054 and CVE-2021-1055), as well as for the Linux distribution (CVE-2021-1056).

Among those classified as linked to the NVIDIA VGPU software, we have a long line of failures with notes with grades between 5.5 and 7.8 related to NVIDIA vGPU manager plugins (CVE-2021-1057, CVE-2021-1059, CVE-2021-1061, CVE-2021-1062, CVE-2021-1063, CVE-2021-1064, CVE-2021-1065 and CVE-2021-1066), as well as NVIDIA vGPU software, with vulnerability in the guest kernel-mode driver (CVE- 2021-1058 and CVE-2021-1060).

NVIDIA GPU owners can now install GeForce Game Ready Driver 461.09 WHQL through GeForce Experience or download the latest installer in the driver’s area of ​​the official website (link below).

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