PowerToys 0.47 Comes With Stability Improvements, Bug Fixes and More

Microsoft today announced the release of the PowerToys 0.47 version. It comes with stability and optimization improvements, installer updates, general bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. This is a very extensive list of changes, even longer than the one presented in December 2020 with update 0.29.

PowerToys is an extra feature that aims to improve productivity and enable other additional features of Windows. Among the highlights of PowerToys 0.47 is the return of activation of the Shortcut Guide through the Win key. Find the complete changelog of changes for this new version below:

PowerToys 0.47 Changelog


  • Fixed issue with new updates changing the PowerToys install location.
  • Fixed settings with NumberBox elements overlapping the delete button.
  • Fixed issue with the bug report tool not generating .zip files.
  • Updated the shortcut configuration experience in Settings.
  • Fixed inconsistent width of sidebar icons.
  • Fixed sidebar UI not scaling for longer text strings in certain localizations.
  • Fixed issue with settings not displaying invalid keystroke assignments.
  • Added user-defined shortcuts when set to the “Welcome to PowerToys” instead of the default shortcuts.

Color Picker

  • Accessibility issues addressed.
  • Added CIELAB and CIEXYZ color formats.
  • Fixed bug where changing RGB values manually doesn’t automatically update the color displayed.


  • Fixed regression where restarting computer resets user-defined layouts to the default selection.
  • Fixed issues with the Grid layout editor not showing the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons.
  • Fixed accessibility issue where users could not add or merge zones using the keyboard.
  • Added a flyout describe the prerequisites for the “Allow zones to span across monitors” option.
  • Fixed various crashing bugs.

File Explorer add-ons

  • Added PDF Thumbnail Provider for Windows Explorer.

Image Resizer

  • Added default values for newly added sizes.
  • Fixed regression where spaces in the filename format settings couldn’t be registered.
  • Corrected scaling issues with Image Resizer Window.
  • Fixed issue where PowerToys crashes when json settings are not formatted properly.

Keyboard Manager

  • Fixed crash when adding a shortcut.
  • Fixed issue with Re-mappings window not displaying.
  • Fixed issue when remapping a shortcut to Alt+Tab breaks the Alt+Tab navigation with arrow keys.

PowerToys Run

  • Improvements on subtitle layout for Settings plugin.
  • Added path filters for Settings plugin via > key.
  • Translation improvements for Settings plugin.
  • Added translation support for Settings Plugin.
  • Fixed issue with PowerToys Run not being in focus when launched.
  • Fixed crash on empty/deleted environment variables when updating variables after a change.
  • Corrected Registry Plugin query results.
  • Fixed crash in Registry plugin queries.
  • Fixed crash when Windows shuts down.
  • Added better description in the global results settings for plugins.
  • Added a confirmation box before running system commands.
  • Added option to use system localization our universal terminology for system commands.

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