PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Includes Tesla Gigafactory

PUBG Mobile gets a new update which brings some new features, contents, and improvements – PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update. It also includes Tesla Gigafactory, one of the largest electric vehicle component factories in the world, in its most popular map, the Erangel, in addition to other news.

Tesla Partnership With PUBG Mobile

Result of the PUBG partnership with Tesla, the Gigafactory will be functional and will appear in the new Quest Ignition game mode. Players will be able to assemble a Tesla Model Y, with autopilot support, allowing players to drive along the map’s roads with pre-set markers. In addition, some Tesla Semi trucks will appear on the map at random, with which players get supplies by attacking them.

Ignition Mission

In the new Mission Ignition mode, six major areas of Erangel will receive a technological transformation. These locations will feature new buildings, elevators, automatic doors, and other mobile platforms.

The map will also have new HyperLines that connect several cities on the island, which can be used for players to move between places. Added to this is the inclusion of an Air Conveyor system outside urban areas, allowing areas to travel to different locations.

The new model also debuts a new 5.56mm gun, the ASM Abakan, an ergonomic accessory, muzzle brake and drum-shaped magazine, an antigrav motorcycle, a tactical marking device, and a riot shield.

New additions also include a new spawn island holographic display that shows the flight path of the current match, markers, and an automatic parachute feature.

PUBG Mobile – 1.5 Patch Notes

  • Search for future technology in Mission Ignition

  • Explore the Tesla Gigafactory

  • Fight to the top with new firearms and vehicles

  • Comprehensive improvements for a refreshing and enjoyable experience

  • Major changes to the Royale Pass! Get more rewards faster and for less!

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Highlights

  • New MG3 gun, a 7.62mm LMG;
  • Tweaks to M249, which will be removed from AirDrop and will appear across maps in classic mode;
  • Shot Rate Compensation System: New unified system to solve problems at different frame rates.
  • Glass windows added to buildings by Erangel and Miramar;
  • Remaining ammo indicator;
  • Customizable settings for firearms;
  • New Clan Battle mode, among other additions.

Update Rewards

Update to the new version between July 9 and July 16 (UTC 0) to get:

  • 2,888 BP

  • 100 AG

  • Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d) ×1.

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