Samsung Rolls Out Bixby Voice Support to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

After being in beta testing for a couple of months, Bixby, Samsung’s very own digital assistant is now making way to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets. Now it is released with full voice support for US Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners.

In the Bixby EAP (Early Access Preview), over 100,000 users enrolled and issued over 4 million voice commands. Some of the main features of Bixby is that it can handle alarms, send texts, and even read aloud your latest SMS messages and emails.

Bixby App
Image: Bixby

Despite Samsung’s announcement regarding the rolling out of the update right away (as soon as today for some), in the United States, you might not get it right away because updates like these are often released in waves. So don’t get worried if you are not getting the update today, it can take a day or two to reach you.

To recall, Bixby was rolled out in May this year in South Korea and only supports the Korean language. It was released with features like Voice Feedback, Feedback Style, Bixby voice wake-up, and Read aloud in high quality among others.

To wake up Bixby digital assistant, press and hold the button on the left edge of the screen, below the volume controls. You can activvate it even if you are recording video, playing games, during call (including outgoing call), and more.

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