Some Useful ChatGPT Extensions on Google Chrome

The arrival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has unlocked numerous possibilities. Developers are continuously exploring new use cases as the AI-powered chatbot’s human-like responses become increasingly integrated into internet communication. ChatGPT has pervaded nearly all aspects of online communication and is now available through various platforms.

Google Chrome, a commonly used web browser, offers several extensions that enable users to conveniently access ChatGPT. These extensions are proving to be useful in a variety of ways. Here is a compilation of ChatGPT-powered Chrome extensions that you should consider trying.

Useful ChatGPT Extensions on Google Chrome

1. ChatGPT Writer

With this extension, you can utilize ChatGPT to compose emails or responses quickly based on a few prompts. The developers assert that this tool delivers top-notch responses and is compatible with nearly all websites. To respond to an email, users simply need to click on “reply,” and the ChatGPT Writer icon will appear beside the “send” button.

Clicking on the icon will bring up a dialog box containing the prompt “Briefly enter what you want to reply,” along with an empty text box beneath it. Users can input their prompts, such as “compose a casual reply,” and click on the “Generate” button. This will produce an immediate response that users can include in their replies.

2. YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

Say goodbye to the hassle of transcribing lengthy YouTube videos with this free Chrome extension created by Glasp, which utilizes ChatGPT to produce video transcripts and summaries. Once installed, users can locate a ‘Transcript & Summary’ box on the top right-hand side of the YouTube page.

This extension is a valuable tool for those seeking to expedite their learning process from YouTube tutorials and save time. While browsing through videos on the platform, users can promptly access the summary of the video being played by clicking on the summary buttons on the video thumbnail.

3. ChatGPT for Search Engines

By installing this Chrome extension, users can view ChatGPT responses alongside search results on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The developers claim that users can pose any question to ChatGPT at any time, anywhere with this extension.

After installation, users can search for information on Google as usual. However, they will now be able to view ChatGPT’s response to their query on the right-hand side of the search results page in addition to the regular search results.

4. WebChatGPT

The WebChatGPT extension enhances your prompts by providing pertinent outcomes. As per the creators, it furnishes pertinent web results to prompts on ChatGPT and proves to be useful for individuals striving for precise conversations with the AI chatbot.

5. ShareGPT

By installing the ShareGPT extension, users can effortlessly share and bookmark ChatGPT prompts with just a few clicks. Upon installation, a Share button will become visible under their prompts, which, when clicked, will display share and bookmark options for users to choose from.


The availability of ChatGPT extensions/plugins shared above enhances the user experience and offers greater functionality to users. These extensions provide additional features such as relevant web results for prompts and easy sharing and bookmarking of prompts, respectively.

With these plugins, users can further customize their interactions with the AI chatbot and streamline their workflow while using ChatGPT. Overall, the development of ChatGPT extensions shows the potential for continuous improvement and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

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