Minecraft Bedrock Beta Preview

Exciting news for Minecraft players as the latest Bedrock beta version has been released with several amazing features. These include a brand-new structure, pottery shards, enhanced sign editing and writing options, and additional armor trims that are bound to captivate players.

Minecraft betas are early versions of Mojang’s renowned sandbox game that are released to players for testing purposes. The aim is to obtain feedback on players’ experiences, allowing developers to detect and correct bugs or problems before a new update or version is officially released.

Minecraft betas frequently introduce fresh elements, alterations, and enhancements that are not yet accessible in the game’s primary edition. Below are the patch notes for the latest release.

Minecraft Bedrock Beta Changelog

Calibrated sculk sensors

  • A new variant of Sculk Sensors which allows you to filter vibrations based on their frequency level. They are not found naturally and can only be crafted
  • They can be crafted with 1 Sculk Sensor and 3 Amethyst Shards in the Crafting Table
  • One side of the Calibrated Sculk Sensor can receive a Redstone signal as input
    • The strength of that Redstone signal is the only vibration frequency the Sculk Sensor will listen to

Features and bug fixes


  • Temporarily reverted the recent adjustments made to Potion effect colors, as they were not compatible with custom content nor with the textures used for Potions and Tipped Arrows
  • Focus indicator is now automatically visible on menu items while using a keyboard


  • The player’s camera no longer appears inside blocks when sprint and swim are held
  • Players are now forced to stop flying when forced into a 1.5 block tall space
  • Sneaking without the experimental toggle no longer overrides custom collision boxes


  • Shipwreck supply chests are no longer missing Moss Block as loot


  • Wishlist feature has been added so that players can now save things to purchase at a later time


  • Fixed clipping error inside Hopper


  • Mobs will again take damage when standing on an incomplete block next to a Campfire


  • Fixed a bug that caused the text on Signs not to be displayed with Ray Tracing enabled


  • Enabled the new stack splitting UI

For the full changelog check out the source below.

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