‘This Means Warp’ Has Just Made Its Debut on Steam

This Means Warp, a co-op sci-fi survival game developed by Jagex and Outlier Games, is now available on Steam. Originally released in Early Access in March 2022, the frantic spaceship management roguelite has undergone multiple updates, balance adjustments, and exciting new features, making it fully prepared to take players on an unforgettable adventure into the unknown.

To survive in the procedurally generated universe, players must team up to combat perilous enemies, modify their strategies, and upgrade their spacecraft. Since its initial release, This Means Warp has incorporated a host of wacky weapons, multi-ship battles, additional missions, and even ship-to-ship boarding.

Throughout its Early Access journey, This Means Warp has established a thriving community, with frequent updates keeping the game engaging and fresh. Today’s release marks the introduction of a second player ship, forcing players to rethink their approach and strategy to overcome the dangers of their journey.

This Means Warp Features:

  • Procedurally generated challenges make every game unique with randomized maps, items, enemies, and encounters. Players will need to adapt to new challenges by making the best of their arsenal of weapons and upgrades.
  • Deep, strategic combat requires players to think on their feet as they contend with hectic, real-time battles where they must balance beating their foes with keeping their ship in one piece.
  • Varied roster of crewmates will support players as the galaxy provides challenges and after challenges to overcome. Players can team up with up to three players or can choose to fill the ranks using a roster of AI crewmates.

“It is wonderful to finally share our vision for This Means Warp with the world,” said Paul Froggatt, Technical Director, Outlier Games. “Early Access was such a vital part of the development process for us and we’ve been fortunate that we’ve been able to surprise and delight our community as well as deliver on those key features that have been most requested. Our players may have logged over 150,000 hours in-game so far but the journey doesn’t end here, we still have plenty to come for This Means Warp!”

Check out the gameplay trailer for This Means Warp

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