Unheard: Voices Of Crime Edition is Available on Consoles and Switch

505 Games is excited to announce that Unheard – Voices of Crime, a popular PC game from NExT Studio, is now accessible on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The console version includes the original game of Unheard, a unique gameplay experience that places gamers in the shoes of Acoustic Detectives, examining crime scenes with a new audio device that enables them to hear voices from the past.

Additionally, the console edition includes a bonus mystery case to solve.

About Unheard: Voices Of Crime Edition

The Unheard – Voices of Crime Edition features the original Unheard game, a unique experience where players take on the role of Acoustic Detectives to solve crimes by using a special device that enables them to listen to past voices at crime scenes. By identifying the voices, players can unravel the mysteries and uncover potential suspects. What is the common thread that connects these seemingly unrelated cases?

This edition also includes “The Lethal Script” case, which challenges players to investigate a mystery within the movie industry at The Peak Hotel. Put on your headphones and travel back in time to revisit crime scenes, using the voices you hear to track down all those involved and crack the cases. But can you rely on the voices you hear, and where do they originate from? Discover the enigmatic link that ties all of these cases together.

Unheard – Voices of Crime Availability

The game is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with an SRP of €9,99EUR/$9.99USD/£8.74GBP. Prices may vary across different territories and storefronts.

Unheard – Voices of Crime Launch Trailer

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