Canon 4K CR-X300 PTZ is for Outdoor Broadcasts

Canon has announced a new camera geared towards outdoor broadcasting, the Canon 4K CR-X300 PTZ. Whether focused on sports broadcasts, live events, or even wildlife viewing, the product supports full IP1 workflow and includes a single cable with PoE++ for power.

It works with the CR-N300 indoor PTZ camera and shares the image quality and autofocus features similar to previous models in the line. To withstand environmental phenomena such as rain and sun, the product also features specific protections and ND filters to better capture images in outdoor environments.

Added to this is the adequacy of IP65 standards for protection against water, and resistance to dust and humidity. Weighing 7 kg, with a 1/4-inch carrying strap and insertion strap, the camera is capable of capturing 4K 30P and 1080 60P / 4: 2: 2 10-bit video. The image processor is the DIGIC DV6, and the lens features a 1/2.3” sensor and up to 20x optical zoom.

It also supports the control and streaming protocols of PTZ CR-N500 and CR-N300, bringing the same integration with the Cinema EOS system, and control through the Remote Camera Control Application software and other controllers in the segment. The brand promises panning motion and smooth tilt.

The Canon 4K CR-X300 PTZ is also compatible with RTMP4 for live streaming and NDI | HX5 protocol, which supports live visual production, allowing users to build their own production environments, as well as RTP/RTSP.

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