Fitbit Luxe With USB-C Connection Appears

Fitbit Luxe was announced in April 2021 with the premium design and now new information about it is now available. The Luxe now supports charging via USB-C, making it the first Fitbit smart band with this connectivity, in addition to having a color screen.

The image with the Fitbit Luxe USB-C charger was revealed today. In it, we see a cable (below) with a proprietary tip, which is already common in several accessories of the brand, which almost always adopts different standards for its accessories.

Fitbit Luxe with USB-C connector

However, at the other end, we have a USB-C connection, which allows you to connect the cable to different types of chargers and even newer computers, ensuring more security and speed when filling the Luxe battery.

According to 9to5Google it was possible to conclude that this is a USB-C cable, as it does not have the holes that a common USB-A has.

For now, Fitbit has not commented on the feature anywhere, not even on the Luxe specifications page. 9to5Google further reported that the company is “not using a USB-C connector and that the image included on the accessory product listing was just a ‘sample.'”

But if this comes true then it’ll be really appreciated, after all the USB-C has become a standard increasingly adopted by accessories and chargers. For now, the Luxe will continue to work with the USB-A.

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