Galaxy M12? A New Galaxy M-Series Phone Coming to India

We already know that a new Galaxy M-series phone is coming and we’ve also reported a couple of news about it. Like its renders and certification with model number SM-M127F/DS which hints at its imminent launch. Now a leaked teaser image confirms the phone could be launched soon in India, possibly the Galaxy M12.

The Galaxy M-series is the most competitive family in terms of the cost x benefit of the South Korean tech giant. An indispensable segment to survive in the Indian market. The teaser image appears on Twitter with the hashtag #MaxUp by Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings). The M highlighted in green, giving even more confirmation that it is the generation of devices that is usually only marketed online.

The use of “Max” in the teaser suggests a big screen or a huge battery, and the M51 already has an extraordinary tank. So even though many analysts were betting that the next family device to be made official would be the Galaxy M12. Interestingly, rumors suggest that we will be able to see the M62 very soon.

But we’re more sure that it’s the M12 because a support page on the Samsung India website has listed a smartphone with model number SM-F127G/DS. it’s the same which got certified on NBTC.

Also according to the leak, the device should be made official next week. it’s the date a week before the spotlight turns to the Galaxy S21 line.

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