Razer Zephyr is the New Name for Project Hazel

Razer announced that the product name of the mask with active ventilation function “Project Hazel” is decided to be called “Razer Zephyr” (hereinafter, Zephyr). The company has also started taking applications for beta testers.

Zephyr is a product announced at “CES 2021” held in January 2021, equipped with electric ventilation function and LED illumination compatible with Razer Chroma, and is a standard certified by the US Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The feature is that outside air can be taken in through a replaceable filter that complies with “N95”.

The part that covers the mouth is made of translucent resin so that you can see the movement of the mouth when talking. In addition, the “Voice Amp Technology” function, which uses the microphone and speaker built into the mask, allows the sound to be transmitted clearly without muffled voice even when the mask is on.

Looking at the latest product image released by Razer, the mask fixing method has changed from an ear hook type string to a band fixed at the back of the head, and the ventilation system has become larger, some from those announced at CES 2021. It seems that improvements have been added. The beta test participants are recruited on the Zephyr product information page.

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