The Ultimate List of Minecraft Color Codes

You want to be bold and colorful in your Minecraft world, but you don’t know how to choose colors that are compatible with each other. Never fear! This ultimate list of Minecraft color codes contains the primary and secondary colors that make up the 16 million color palette of the game, so you can finally get the colors you want without compromising your vision!

Color Codes By Block

What are color codes? Color codes are hex values that can be used to change an entity’s color in Minecraft. The codes for blocks use a hash symbol (#) and consist of six characters which correspond to Red, Green, and Blue on a 0 – 255 scale. These three colors combined create all possible colors displayed in Minecraft.

List of Minecraft Color Code Set

Minecraft has a pretty robust code set, with over 40 different commands you can use to play around and customize your experience. Using these codes is a snap—just enter them in chat and press enter. For example, if you want to create a Redstone torch, just type /give @p red_torch 0 (and hit enter).

Here is a list of pre-defined Color Codes for Minecraft and Formatting codes.

CodeNameForeground colorBackground colorVersion
§0black *****000000000000000000
§6gold2551700FFAA00424202A2A00[JE only]
64420402A00[BE only]


Use of color codes

You can use the § symbol for any text input in Bedrock Version, while it can be used in the, pack.mcmeta, world titles, and server names in Java Edition.

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