Xiaomi Gaming Laptop

Xiaomi has released the poster confirming the launch of a new Notebook at the ChinaJoy on August 3. Xiaomi Notebook is said to be equipped with 8th Gen Intel processor.

At the end of March this year, Xiaomi released the first notebook, with a 15.6-inch screen GTX 1060/1050i alone, equipped with the seventh-generation Intel processor.

The poster reveals nothing, but only the remaining days and that the device will be “monstrous” in terms of performance in reference to with Intel chipset. Reports are surfacing that this device could be a new variant of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop.


This time it’ll be equipped with an eight-generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Right now, there is no official information regarding the specifications of the new Xiaomi Notebook, but stay tuned as we’ll be updating about the device as more information arrives.


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